Powerfy: Your Solution for Power Issues

Powerfy™ is a world leader in automotive service equipment. From “what-if?” all the way through creation of the final product, our dedication is unparalleled. As a result, our products are used by professionals and home users the world over.


Powerfy™ products are designed for a rigorous workload day in and day out. Professionals use our products because they know that they can count on Powerfy™ to get the job done, quickly and reliably, every single time.


Superior Customer Care

Powerfy™ prides itself on its Customer Care team. Whether you choose to fax us, email us, or call us we are ready to meet your needs. You will be answered by a Tech. Service pro with years of experience, not a person in a call center trying to look up your problem online. You can expect knowledgeable advice, expedited shipping of necessary parts, or referral to a nearby service center – whatever it takes to get you up and running again.


Innovative Products and Solutions

We have been a technological innovator since day 1 and are constantly driving ourselves to find new solutions to the issues of automotive equipment. As the power needs of today’s families increase, we will be there with new and more powerful solutions.